About Us

In the middle of the last century, mankind discovered the ability to generate vast amounts of energy by banging a few atoms together. This discovery filled imaginations with visions of science leading us to new heights of progress and luxury. Mingled in with the optimism was a worry that perhaps man was messing with things beyond his control. Disaster could be just around the corner in any number of monstrously imaginative ways.

The Atomic Gift Shop pulls together odds and ends that seem to be somehow related to the spirit of the futurism and adventure of the last century. It was time period that saw the harnessing of the atom and a man putting boot prints on the face of the moon. The shop may even find a few relics of the cold war creeping in, because despite our amazing advances in science and culture and the optimism that can inspire, human nature sometimes has a tendency to bend toward the darkness.

On top of all that, you will also find an assortment of original items and designs made by our in-house dreamer and proprietor who would like to see this space used as a creative outlet as well as a source for gifts.

So, stay as long as you like, we think you’ll enjoy both our carefully curated and self-created content. 

atomicgiftshop.com is operated by dwburman LLC.