Star Meh

A Sci-Fi Animated Comedy Short


Star Meh – Archives Playlist

Since this project has been in the works in some form or another for several years, some of the 3D assets has shown up on my dwburman youtube channel.

A Word From The Captain

This was just a little fun in VR from the bridge set in the Window Mixed Reality home portal.

Original Line Art For Interiors Drawn In 2013

The interior of the bridge started with drawings of the various surfaces that were then mapped onto 3D geometry (as described in one of the archived videos). These are the original drawings from when I first started putting this project together.

  • Original Line Artwork - Engineering Equipment
  • Original Line Artwork - Starboard Panels
  • Original Line Artwork - Break Area
  • Original Line Artwork - Bridge Aft Wall
  • Original Line Artwork - Bridge View Screeen